Symbiosis Initiatives

Symbiosis Corporate Training Centre

Symbiosis Centre for Corporate Education was started in a state of the art office at Senapati Bapat Road in “The International Convention Centre”.  SCCE was started as a result of the apex vision of Symbiosis to have a better focus on Corporate Education and Training. 

We are offering Executive Post Graduate Diploma Programs under Symbiosis International University (SIU) to the corporate. The aim is to streamline the employees through high-quality professional development programs and services. The Management Development Programs and Corporate Education programs are recognized and experimented by renowned blue chip Corporate in India as well as abroad. We are going global & would like to join hands with world class companies & Universities across the globe. It will truly assure new horizons to our customers who seek to build up their managers & leaders from their internal human resource.

These programs are closely monitered and handled as per the guidelines of the University. Even though we are offering flexibility to the client in terms of certain subjects that can be selected, we are ensuring that the quality of the programs is maintained and there is no compromise in the University standards. 

The Executive Post Graduate diploma programs of our International University are a series of classes focusing on both theory and practice in a particular field. The program tends to focus more on practical aspects along with theoretical concepts. In addition to the lectures, most programs make use of real case studies’ discussions intensively. The curricula tend to be a lot more practical, providing ready-to-use skills at your work place. 

EPGDBM (Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)
EPGDFM (Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management)
EPGDHRM (Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management)
EDMPM (Executive Diploma in Management for Project Managers)
EPGDSDM (Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Sales & Distribution Management)
EPGDOM (Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management)

We offer Post Graduate Diploma programs in various functional areas to the Corporate after assessing the specific needs of the corporate and the aim is to streamline the employees through high-quality professional development programs and services. These programs once designed can be delivered in-house as well as on campus depending upon the requirement of the Corporate. 

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