Symbiosis Initiatives

Symbiosis International Cultural Centre

Symbiosis International Cultural Centre came into existence in 1971. In the early 1970's the city of Pune witnessed the arrival of international students from African and Middle Eastern countries. These were students who were coming to Pune entirely on their own without any official effort to solicit them or to help them settle down or even address their academic needs.

SICC, as it is popularly referred to, began with the single aim of providing overseas students with good accommodation and introducing them to life in India. Its motto of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam 'has today, become synonymous with the identity of Symbiosis.

Every year, apart from a variety of cultural events that are organized under its ambit, the Symbiosis International Cultural Center, through its Symbiosis Centre for International Education and Center for International Education, is responsible for a variety of administrative and academic activities to promote efforts of internationalization at Symbiosis.

To carry forward the work begun by the SICC in the 1970's the Symbiosis Centre for International Education continues to offer a plethora of student support services and facilities for international students.