Symbiosis Staff Sports Fest 2019

As a Health Promoting University, it is Symbiosis’ constant endeavour to instil health, fitness & wellness amongst the staff and student community at large. In line with this, University Sports Board, Symbiosis International University organizes ‘Symbi Staff Sports Fest – SSSF’, an event to promote and inculcate wellness amongst the Staff.

This year Staff Sports Fest was inaugurated on Monday, 28th January, 2019 at the hands of a renowned coach Mr. Nandan Bal.

The Staff Sports Fest includes 10 Sports (4 team Sports and 6 individual Sports) and this year total 1900 staff members from all the campuses of Symbiosis across India participated. The Hockey Legend Mr. Dhanaraj Pilley was present for the Prize Distribution ceremony on Thursday, 31st January 2019.

Dr. Amay Yeravdekar, Executive Sports, Recreation and Wellness Symbiosis and Dr. Nayana Nimkar, Director Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences were present for the prize distribution ceremony