Hon'ble Chancellor Dr.S.B.Mujumdar Interview in DNA

Source : DNA

Harnessing the demographic dividend could make India a superpower. This is the need of the hour. India has a population of 1.21 billion, of which 65 per cent are below 35 years old. By 2030, more than half the population will be below 25 years of age. India should take advantage of this.

The country in which youngsters and working population are more and number of senior citizens and children comparatively less has a wonderful opportunity: the country's wealth can be used for its betterment. Moreover, women automatically become part of the workforce.

This happened in South Korea. At one time it was in such a bad shape that it was comparable with Ghana. But it harnessed the demographic dividend and became one of the Asian Tigers.

India will have to invest in human resources, especially the young workforce. This investment has to be made in the select fields of education, healthcare and environment. Missing this opportunity could spell disaster.

We should do away with traditional arts, commerce and science colleges that create unemployed graduates. Instead, we should have skill development colleges and universities so that the youngsters can be made a productive force for the nation.

Germany has 162 universities for skill development, which they refer to as applied science universities. China has more than 100 such institutions and that is one reason why Chinese products dominate the global market.

I think our government is not serious on this issue and has not taken any steps to harness the demographic dividend. India has 40 years at hand. The government should start institutions to take advantage of demographic dividend sooner rather than later.