Symbiosis Primary School

Established in 1984, one of the front runners among educational institutions in Pune, is Symbiosis Primary School.

It is a co-educational school and apart from the SSC syllabus, the school has designed its very own upgraded curriculum.

The school has excellent infrastructure including spacious, bright and well-ventilated classrooms. There are provisions of an Audio Visual room, Mathematics and Science laboratories, a state of the art Language laboratory, a Computer laboratory as well as a library with an extensive collection of books for both academic and recreational purposes. The classrooms are made lively by using technology through Interactive Senses boards. Communication is key, so special emphasis is laid on public speaking skills so that every child becomes a confident orator.

The staff is not only a well-trained team of educators but also sculptors equipped to mould a child into a responsible citizen of tomorrow. Needless to say, value education is an integral part of the school curriculum because exemplary citizens are made, not born. The motto of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam' is woven into the fabric of the school.

The school provides ample opportunities for students to utilise their different faculties - be it through Logical Reasoning worksheets, hands-on activities, sports events, project work, field trips, in-house competitions, exhibitions and cultural programs. The school has an open space with two volleyball courts and a basketball court. The SPA allows children to enjoy indoor sports like table tennis, badminton, chess and carrom.

The school is known to strike the perfect balance between academics and sports, in order to achieve a holistic all – round development of a student. The school provides an environment where children enjoy the learning process and are eager to come to school every day.

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